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Knock! Knock!, is a fast paced, fun filled journey through my career in sales that not only teaches you how to be better at selling but to also have a ton of fun while you are doing it

Knock Knock invites you to join me on what salespeople call "a ride along," which is where a senior salesperson shows a newbie the ropes. This book delivers a winning sales philosophy learned thought years of experience and is illustrated by real life stories that I share along with multiple Knock-Knock Moments (or lessons and revelations learned) that have fueled my career and that I believe will help yours.

Every one of us is in Sales. If you deal with people, you are in sales. Knock Knock teaches you how to get out of your Comfort Zone, to Believe in yourself and to believe in the product, services or message you are selling. But it also teaches you to have a great time while you are doing it.  

Knock! Knock! Lessons Learned and Stories Shared

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